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    About Us

    Formerly called Shanticot Ltd, we now trade under the name of “The Bunkcot Company”. It is possible that you may still see our cots for sale on the internet under the old Shanticot brand but please rest assured that “Shanticot” and “The Bunkcot Company” are one and the same!

    Our bunk cots are designed by Tom Shea (company founder) who created the ‘Original’ Cot for his own chain of day nurseries (www.childfirst.co.uk) and drew a lot of interest from other nurseries. Tom then teamed up with Stuart and Penny Harding to manufacture and retail the ‘Original’ cot on a commercial basis – the company was formed in 2007. The ‘Original’ Bunkcot can now be found in over 500 nurseries throughout the UK and abroad.

    On the back of the success of the ‘Original’ cot, we were asked if we could produce a larger version for the ‘home’ market. So, in August 2010 we launched the ‘Convertible’ Bunkcot, making it bigger and much more versatile. This has proved very popular with families who have limited space, or who want to utilise the space they do have more efficiently. Due to popular demand we have recently launched a white version of the ‘Convertible’ Bunkcot.

    2014 see the launch of a new website and a change in the product names with new products to follow during the summer.

    Day Nursery (formerly the Original Bunkcot)
    3-in-1 Bunkcot  (formerly the Convertible Bunkcot)
    Drawer Cot
    Cupboard Cot - coming soon

    Stuart Harding comes from a banking and sales background and is responsible for the manufacture and retail side of the business while Penny concentrates on marketing and advertising.